Paint mask

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720011:72Camouflage mask MI-24P 34 «yellow»Zvezda
720021:72Camouflage mask Mi-24VP 33 «red»Zvezda
720031:72Camouflage mask MI-24V 40Zvezda
720041:72Paint mask Pz.Kpfw.IV H Zvezda
720051:72Paint mask Su-100 Zvezda
720061:72Camouflage mask Mi-35MZvezda
720071:72Camouflage mask Yak-130 Zvezda
720081:72Paint mask Yak-130 Zvezda
720091:72Paint mask T-90 / TerminatorZvezda
720101:72Paint mask T-90 Modelcollect
720111:72Paint mask Toldi I / II IBG
720121:72Paint mask J-31Trumpeter
720131:72Paint mask F / A-18FAcademy
720141:72Paint mask MiG-25RBTICM
720151:72Paint mask F-100dTrumpeter
720161:72Paint mask F-100dItaleri
720171:72Paint mask T-35Zvezda
720181:72Paint mask Mi-24AZvezda
720191:72Paint mask Su-27UB Zvezda
720201:72Paint mask F-22A Academy
720211:72Paint mask A-20B/C Boston with UTK-1 TurretSpecial Hobby
720221:72Paint mask FC-1 Fierce Dragon / Pakistani JF-17 ThunderTrumpeter
720231:72Paint mask F/A-18CAcademy
720241:72Paint mask F/A-18DAcademy
720251:72Paint mask F-15E Academy
720261:72Paint mask F-15DJHasegawa
720271:72RAF ROUNDELS TYPE A / A1 
720281:72RAF ROUNDELS TYPE B / С / С1 
720291:72Paint mask Russian 152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer MSTA-S Zvezda
720301:72Paint mask Su-24 Zvezda
720311:72Paint mask Su-57 Zvezda
720321:72Paint mask Pe-2 Zvezda
720331:72Camouflage mask Pe-2 Zvezda
720341:72Camouflage mask Su-57 (509)  Zvezda
720351:72Paint mask JAS-39 Gripen Italeri
720361:72Paint mask Su-85 Zvezda
720371:72Paint mask Seahawk FGA.6 / Mk.100/101 Hobbyboss
720381:72Paint mask Su-25 Zvezda
720391:72Paint mask UH-1B Hobbyboss
720401:72Paint mask «Iskander-M» SS-26 Zvezda
720411:72Paint mask Su-27sm/Su-33 Zvezda
720421:72Paint mask Ми-4 Hobbyboss
720431:72Paint mask T-90МС Zvezda
720441:72Paint mask PZL 23 Karas / PZL 42 IBG
720451:72Paint mask PZL 37 Los IBG
720461:72Paint mask A-37B Dragonfly Academy
720471:72Paint mask Mi-24V/VP/P/35 Zvezda
720481:72Paint mask C-130 Zvezda
720491:72Paint mask 9P117 Scud C Modelcollect
720501:72Paint mask Ju-87 Zvezda
720511:72Paint mask Mig-25RU ICM
720521:72Paint mask MAZ-537 / KZKT-537L Takom
720531:72Paint mask S-400 Triumf Zvezda
720541:72Paint mask AH-64A ApacheHobbyboss
720551:72Paint mask UH-60A BlackhawkHobbyboss
720561:72Paint mask Mi-2 Hobbyboss
720571:72Paint mask Ka-50 Hobbyboss
720581:72Paint mask Bm-21 GradHobbyboss
720591:72Paint mask Hanomag SS-100Takom
720601:72Paint mask A-7P Corsair IIHobbyboss
720631:72Paint mask C-27J SpartanItaleri
720641:72Paint mask 2S35 KoalitsiyaZvezda
720651:72Paint mask P-40E Special Hobby
720701:72 Paint mask Su-33 exhaust nozzlesZvezda
720711:72 Paint mask Mig-29 exhaust nozzlesZvezda
720721:72 Paint mask Su-57 exhaust nozzlesZvezda
720741:72 Paint mask MiG-29Zvezda
720771:72 Paint mask Hawker Hurricane MK IICZvezda
720821:72 Paint mask B-52 StratofortressModelcollect
480011:48Paint mask He-111H-3 ICM
480021:48Paint mask T-34/76 Hobbyboss
480031:48Paint mask Yak-1B Zvezda
480041:48Paint mask Ju-88A-4 ICM
480051:48Paint mask Do 17Z-10 / Z-2 / Z-7 ICM
480061:48Paint mask Yak-130 KittyHawk KH80157
480071:48Paint mask M-346 Kinetic K48063
480081:48Camouflage mask Yak-130 KittyHawk KH80157
480091:48Camouflage mask Yak-130 Zvezda 4821
480101:48Paint mask Yak-130 Zvezda 4821
480111:48Paint mask He-111H-6 ICM
480121:48Paint mask Su-17UB KittyHawk
480131:48RAF ROUNDELS TYPE A (55″, 50″, 40″, 35″, 25″) 
480141:48RAF ROUNDELS TYPE A1 (56″, 49″, 36″, 35″) 
480151:48RAF ROUNDELS TYPE B (56″, 54″, 49″, 40″, 35″, 25″, 15″) 
480161:48RAF ROUNDELS TYPE C/C1 (56″, 54″, 48″, 40″, 36″, 32″, 18″) 
480181:48Paint mask Siebel Si 204D Special Hobby
480191:48Paint mask Bf-109 G-6 Zvezda
480201:48Paint mask Pe-2 Zvezda
480211:48Paint mask Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIVAirfix
480221:48Paint mask Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV MaxAirfix
480231:48Paint mask B-26B-50 Invader ICM
480241:48Paint mask Supermarine Walrus Mk.IAirfix
480251:48Paint mask Hawker Hunter F.6/FGA.9 (Italeri/Academy)Italeri / Academy
480261:48Paint mask MiG-25 ICM
480271:48Paint mask Douglas F4D-1 Skyray Tamiya
480281:48Paint mask LaGG-3 ICM
480291:48Paint mask Beechcraft Model 18 (C-45) ICM
480301:48Paint mask Hs-126 ICM
480311:48Paint mask Mi-24 Zvezda
480321:48Camouflage mask Мi-24VPZvezda
480331:48Camouflage mask Мi-24VZvezda
480341:48Camouflage mask Мi-24PZvezda
480351:48Paint mask Mi-24 blades Zvezda
480361:48Paint mask Grumman F6F-3/5 Hellcat Hasegawa
480371:48Paint mask J2F-5 Duck Merit
480381:48Paint mask He 111Z-1 “Zwilling” ICM
480391:48Paint mask Reggiane Re.2005 Sp.Hobby
480401:48Paint mask Hawker Hurricane Mk.IAirfix
480411:48Paint mask H-34 Trumpeter
480421:48Paint mask TBD-1 «Devastator» GWH
480431:48Paint mask Su-30МКК Hobbyboss
480441:48Paint mask A6M5c Zero Hasegawa
480451:48Paint mask J7W1 Shinden Tamiya
480461:48Paint mask F4U-5N Corsair Hasegawa
480471:48Paint mask RE 2000 Sp.Hobby
480481:48Paint mask J-20 / Heja I  Sp.Hobby
480491:48Paint mask Cessna O-2A Skymaster  ICM
480501:48Paint mask Il-2  Zvezda
480511:48Paint mask B-26C-50 ICM
480521:48Paint mask B-26C-50  MaxICM
480531:48Paint mask An-2 Hobbyboss
480541:48Paint mask Su-57 Zvezda
480551:48Camouflage mask Su-57 Zvezda
480561:48Paint mask P61A Black Widow Hobbyboss
480571:48Paint mask La-11 Ark
480581:48Paint mask La-11  MaxArk
480591:48Paint mask Su-57 exhaust nozzles Zvezda
480601:48Paint mask Hawk T Mk.1A Hobbyboss
480611:48Paint mask Hawk T Mk.1 Italeri
480621:48Paint mask F-35A Meng
480631:48Paint mask F-35A Kitty Hawk
480641:48Paint mask Yak-3 Zvezda
480651:48Paint mask La-5 Zvezda
480661:48Paint mask La-5FN Zvezda
480671:48Paint mask Su-2 Zvezda
480681:48Paint mask Mig-15 Bronco
480691:48Paint mask Su-33 MiniBase
480701:48Paint mask P-61 Black Widow  MaxHobbyboss
480711:48Paint mask Su-33 exhaust nozzles MiniBase
480731:48Paint mask EMB312 Tucano Hobbyboss
480741:48Paint mask Ka-27 Hobbyboss
480761:48Paint mask A-37B Dragonfly Trumpeter
480781:48Paint mask Ka-27 blades Hobbyboss
350011:35Sturer Emil Paint Mask Trumpeter 00350
350021:35Paint mask M48A3 Patton Tamiya 35120
350031:35Paint mask Su-76m Tamiya
350041:35Paint mask Ford T ICM
350051:35Paint mask BTR-50 Trumpeter
350061:35Paint mask SAM-6 Antiaircraft Missile Trumpeter
350071:35Paint mask 2C3  Trumpeter
350081:35Paint mask ASU-57 Hobbyboss
350091:35Paint mask T-34/85 Zvezda 3687
350101:35Paint mask T-34/76 ICM 35365/35366
350111:35Paint mask Pz IV ausf. E Zvezda 3641
350121:35Paint mask T-90MC Zvezda 3675
350131:35The numbers on the modern Russian armored vehicles 
350141:35Paint mask Su-100 Zvezda 3688
350151:35Paint mask 9K37N1 Buk Meng SS-014
350161:35Paint mask BMR-3M Meng SS-011
350171:35Paint mask BMPT T-15 Zvezda 3681
350181:35Paint mask Russian 152 mm Self-Propelled Howitzer MSTA-S Zvezda
350191:35Paint mask Ural 4320 Zvezda
350201:35Paint mask Т-34/85 ICM
350211:35Paint mask GAZ-233014 «Tiger» Zvezda
350221:35Paint mask Tiger with ATGM Kornet Zvezda
350231:35Paint mask GAZ «Tiger-М» Zvezda
350241:35Paint mask Model W.O.T. 6 ICM
350251:35Paint mask Т-28 Zvezda
350261:35Paint mask Т-34/76 Zvezda
350271:35Paint mask Bt-7 Tamiya
350281:35Paint mask Т-34/76 Dragon
350291:35Paint mask 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV Zvezda
350301:35Paint mask Gaz-АА/-ААА/-ММ Zvezda
350311:35Paint mask MB L4500A Zvezda
350321:35Paint mask Studebaker US6 ICM
350331:35Paint mask К-5350 Мустанг Zvezda
350341:35Paint mask Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.BTamiya 35281
350351:35Paint mask M4A3E8 ShermanTamiya 35346
350361:35Paint mask Pz.II Ausf. A/B/C Tamiya 35292
350371:35Paint mask Pantsir-S1 Zvezda
350381:35Paint mask Opel Blitz Tamiya
350391:35Paint mask ZiL-131 ICM
350401:35Paint mask ZiL-131 MTO-AT ICM
350411:35Paint mask AC-40-137A Firetruck ICM
350421:35Paint mask M4A2 Sherman Zvezda
350431:35Paint mask Typ 2,5-3,2 ICM
350441:35Paint mask K-4386 Typhoon-VDV Meng
350451:35Тонировочная пленка K-4386 Typhoon-VDV Meng
350461:35Paint mask GAZ TIGER Meng
350471:35Tinting film GAZ TIGER emerald Meng
350481:35Tinting film GAZ TIGER emerald Meng
350491:35Paint mask Т-14 Armata Zvezda
350501:35Tinting film GAZ-233014 «Tiger» light green Zvezda
350511:35Tinting film GAZ-233014 «Tiger» emerald Zvezda
350521:35Tinting film Tiger with ATGM Kornet light green Zvezda
350531:35Tinting film Tiger with ATGM Kornet emerald Zvezda
350541:35Tinting film GAZ «Tiger-М» light green Zvezda
350551:35Tinting film GAZ «Tiger-М» emerald Zvezda
350561:35Tinting film K-4386 Typhoon-VDV RPG
350571:35Paint mask Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Ausf. G1 Meng
350581:35Paint mask Pantsir-S1Tiger Model
350591:35Paint mask М1151 Academy
350601:35Paint mask U.S. Cougar 6×6 MRAP Meng
350611:35Paint mask Typhoon-K Takom
350621:35Tinting film Typhoon-K emerald Takom
350631:35Tinting film Typhoon-K green Takom
350641:35Paint mask Typhoon-K Zvezda
350651:35Tinting film Typhoon-K emerald Zvezda
350661:35Tinting film Typhoon-K green Zvezda
350671:35Paint mask French AUF1 155MM Self-Propelled Howitzer Meng
350681:35Paint mask Leopard 2 A7 Meng
350691:35Paint mask Magach 6B GAL Batash Meng
350701:35Paint mask D9R armored bulldozer Meng
350711:35Paint mask Кamaz 4350 Zvezda
320011:32Paint mask Gloster Gladiator ICM
320021:32Paint mask Gloster Gladiator ICM
320031:32Paint mask Gloster Gladiator ICM
320041:32Paint mask Gloster Gladiator ICM
320051:32Paint mask Gloster Gladiator ICM
320061:32Paint mask I-16 type 24 «За СССР!»ICM
320071:32Paint mask CR.42 LW ICM
430011:43Paint mask UAZ-3909 Zvezda
430021:43Paint mask Gaz-66AVD
430031:43Paint mask Zil-4333AVD
430041:43Paint mask Zil-131AVD
430051:43Paint mask Maz-6422AVD
430061:43Paint mask Zis-151AVD
430071:43Paint mask Zil-157AVD
430081:43Paint mask Kamaz-54112AVD
430091:43Paint mask PAZ-3205AVD
440011:144Paint mask Boeing 737-700 / -800 / 8-MAX Paint maskZvezda
440021:144Paint mask A-350-1000 Zvezda
440031:144Paint mask Boeing-777 Zvezda
440041:144Paint mask Тu-204 Zvezda
440051:144Paint mask Boeing 767-300 Zvezda
440061:144Paint mask Boeing 787 Zvezda
440071:144Paint mask A-321 Zvezda
440081:144Paint mask A-380Revell
440091:144Paint mask An-124Revell
440101:144Paint mask МС-21 Zvezda
440111:144Paint mask Be-200 Zvezda
440121:144Paint mask A-320 / A-320 neo Zvezda
20001 Circles 3mm (330pc), 4mm (280pc), 5mm (220pc)
20002 Circles 6mm, 7mm, 8mm (100 pcs each)
20003 Circles 9mm, 10mm ( 100 pcs each)
20004 Squares (digital camouflage) 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
20005 Squares (digital camouflage) 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
20006 Stars 5 — 11mm
20007 Stars 12 — 16mm
20008 Stars 17 — 20mm
20009 Template line 4mm
20010 Template line 5mm
20011 Template curves
20012 Tinting film emerald 140х200mm (2pc)
20013 Tinting film light green 140х200mm (2pc)
20014 Tinting film dark green 140х200mm (2pc)
20015 Tinting film green 140х200mm (2pc)
20016 Tinting film light blue 140х200mm (2pc)
20017 Tinting film light gray 140х200mm (2pc)
20019 Holographic film 10х15
20020 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Yellow) 
20021 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Green) 
20022 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Red) 
20023 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Orange) 
20024 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Clear) 
20025 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Lime yellow) 
20026 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Blue) 
20027 Holographic film to simulate optical instruments lens (Violet)